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A genuine classic rotary dial telephone, the Electra adds a glorious  twist to the standard event guestbook. Guests simply pick up the receiver and leave their thoughts, well wishes, marriage advice (and any other advice!) at the tone.


Just like The Deluxe, it has the best of both worlds: vintage style with the ease and versatility of digital technology.




+ Genuine Vintage Piece of history   

+ Can sit anywhere

+ Perfect for any event

+ No power outlet required

+ Stylish, classy vintage aesthetic

+ Unlimited messages

+ High quality audio clips

+ Digital online audio gallery

+ Downloadable MP3 audio files

+ We deliver and take away

+ We match your styling.

Greeting message pre recorded

Needs flat surface

Likes undercover

Prefers Indoors


Phone Size      20cm L x 15cm W

Ideal Area       25cm L x 25cm W

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